Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin: «Together, we will raise the prestige of Islam and Muslims»

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An international conference "Muslim unity" concluded its work in Bishkek. The purpose of the conference was to find ways to overcome the division of the Muslims into Jamaats, the different currents within the same religion.

Spiritual leaders of the CIS countries and foreign guests arrived in the Kyrgyz capital. Russian Muslims were represented by the Chairman of the Russian Muftis Council, Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin. The conference was also attended by the mufti of Tajikistan Saidmukkaram Abdukodirzoda, mufti of Mongolia Cadiz Baatyrbek, head of the Religious Board of Muslims of Kazakhstan Balgabek Mirzayev, Mufti of Pakistan Razzaq Abdur, Mufti of Pakistan Khan Saeed, Imam of the Al-Aqsa Mosque (Jerusalem) Ali Omar Yakub Abbasi, a guest from Saudi Arabia Bahshini Saleh Salem, as well as ambassadors of Muslim countries, rectors and teachers of Islamic Universities.

The head of the Russian Muslims Hazrat Ravil Gaynutdin was first who made a speech. In his speech, he in the first place thanked the acting mufti of Kyrgyzstan Rahmatullah aji Egemberdiev for taking part in the session of the Russian Muftis Council, held in Moscow in August, at which Ravil hazrat was re-elected as Chairman of the RMC.

The Head of the Russian Muslims urged believers to unity, giving an example of Syria and various extremist organizations. He said that the conflict in the West is often understood as the inability of Muslims to live together, as if they would always be in conflict and war, and they can not live in another way. "It is only when such conflicts, the constant confrontation with many extremist organizations will stop, then the world will not accept Islam as a religion of conflict, but to understand it what it actually is - a religion of peace. We have to work hard to make us - Muslims - respect. Together, we will raise the prestige of Islam and Muslims, all have to see that the Muslims are open to cooperation. As stated in the great Quran, "help your brothers in everything, but in the creation of evil does not help them," – as it is stated in the publication of the website "Islam in the CIS" of the Ravil Gaynutdin speech.

"Not long ago there were murders of our imams, muftis, ustaz. We all grieve for them, they stood up to the extremists and terrorists. But that's only surprise is that the killers of religious people do not come from somewhere abroad, this is not some "enemies." These people are our fellow citizens that just as we say "Bismillyahir rahmaanir rahim" and who say that they are Muslims. The Qur'an says that only Allah gives life to man, and only He can take it back. Why then, one person kills another? Why we refer these people not to the true believers? Where is the measure used to draw conclusions about other people as "correct" and "incorrect" Muslims. Where are the scales that measure who is stronger iman? I think people who truly believe, must be God-fearing. Everyone should think that his neighbor may be a God-fearing, and should not to sin against him.

We stand for and do everything to ensure that young people have visited the mosque, that they learn the true nature of Islam and will not join the ranks of the religious radicals. To date the next generation was up on the feet, which is unlike us do not remember the ideals of friendship of peoples, of solidarity. Young people can easily perceive the radical, wrong ideas that do not contribute to the Muslim Ummah but split apart it and bring grief. It is working with young people, we pay utmost attention, and I ask the Muslim leaders of the CIS countries to combine their efforts in this direction. We are all united not only by common faith but by a common past," - the Mufti said in his speech.

The Chairman of the Russian Muftis Council also shared the history of relationships with Muslim religious leaders. "I visited Kyrgyzstan at different times. I was fortunate enough to work with Murataly aji, and Kimsanbaev aji, and Chubak aji. Now I have the opportunity to work with Rahmatullah aji. During my visits to the country, I've seen the changes taking place in society, the nation-building, and noticed the increasing Muslim community in Kyrgyzstan, and spiritual maturing of society. And toeven in times of Murataly aji we signed a fraternity and understanding agreement between the Kyrgyz Republic and the Russian Federation. And today Maksat aji is accredited representative of the Muslims of Kyrgyzstan in Moscow. From our side we do everything possible to adapt the migrants, migrant workers, who are in Russia, among them the Kyrgyz and Tajiks and Uzbeks. We support them in legal terms, and spiritually. We hold common holidays, so that we can feel the unity that those who are far from their homeland, do not fall into extremist organizations, so that they won't not bring radical ideas either to Kyrgyzstan or in Uzbekistan or Tajikistan. We strive to ensure that migrants have the true knowledge that they have maintained their own native Madhhab "- Ravil Gaynutdin said.

Further Mufti described the efforts of the Russian Muslims to keep Hanafi madhhab. "We, the Tatars, follow the Hanafi madhhab. In Tajikistan, I know, much is being done for the development of the Hanafi school of thought. And the spiritual administration is doing everything in order to continue their traditional madhhab. In Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan and other republics people are trying to preserve the traditional school of thought. Dear Brothers, we really need to continue our traditional Hanafi madhhab, and develop it. It's no in vain that our ancestors thousands of years kept their own madhhab.

In our mosques, imams educate their people, provide them with guidance and enlighten them. Educated enlightened people will not go to the woods, do not go after those who take people to the mountains and set them against their shaykh, against their mufti against the state. We, Muslims, reading the Holy Quran can see the following ayats: "Obey Allah and obey the Messenger, the one you have chosen." Choosing the Imam, a mufti, your leader, we have to obey them. If there is no rule of law, respect for the laws and subordination then the chaos will take place. Allah established law and order for us.

I believe that in order to stabilize the situation among the Muslims of the Commonwealth of Independent States, to effectively counter radical and sectarian organizations we should assure ordeliness in information and educational environment under the control of the official Religious Board of Muslims. The main instrument of anti-radicals and sectarians is the development by the official Muslim religious boards in cooperation with the state authorities of the Hanafi school of thought - the dominant flow of CIS Muslims"- the spiritual leader of Russian Muslims said in the speech.

"All the Muslim leaders of the CIS countries were trying to build a system of anti-radical and sectarian based on the legal provisions of the Hanafi school. At the passed 14-15th of November 2011 VII Muslim Forum we had the idea to establish the Council of Muftis of the CIS and the Ulema Council of CIS. This decision found a response from all the delegates and representatives of religious offices of the CIS. The Council of Muftis of the CIS is created to consolidate and develop the traditional for Muslims the Commonwealth the Hanafi school, for the fight against extremism and radicalization among young people and on the politicization issues of Islam. We not only recognize the role of the Hanafi school of thought among the imams and muftis, but want our people to come back to their pure religious sources "- Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin summed up.